I had never been in a company that’s spent 95 percent of its time thinking about the product. I used to work at Motorola and when I met with the top guys, it was always about how we’re going to win the Vodafone accounts. But sitting in with Steve and Scott and the team, we would sit in a room all the time, for hours, deciding whether certain settings belonged on the top level or whether they should have been the second level on iOS.

— Dag Kittlaus (director of Siri, 2008-11)

Wat deze verhalen op Wired me leren over Apple is dat Steve Jobs een mega-impact heeft gehad op de cultuur van het bedrijf, groter dan ik eigenlijk al dacht. Welk ander bedrijf zou je kunnen noemen dat vol zit met deze interessante verhalen? Allemaal dankzij Jobs. Apple werd door Jobs meer dan een bedrijf alleen. Maar ook Apple zal een keer naar de achtergrond verdwijnen.

Soon after Apple bought land for the new campus, Steve and I walked around the property to get a feel for it. I expected Steve to be happy. But he was melancholy. He explained why as we passed a deserted building on the property and saw an old Hewlett-Packard sign. Apple had purchased the land from HP, which had been one of the most storied companies in the history of Silicon Valley, started by two legendary founders. Steve looked at the building. “Eventually everything comes to an end,” he said. We looked at each other for a few moments, then walked on.

— Scott Forstall (SVP of software, 1997–2012)