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Hi! I'm Reinier Ladan and I'm a…

Freelance (remote) product manager and design consultant

I’ve been creating digital products by managing product teams, designing user interfaces, and building prototypes since the late 90s. As of 2016 I’ve focused all my time and energy on product management and consulting product and design teams.

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I’m available for freelance (remote) product management projects.

I live just 5 km north of Amsterdam, in Zaandam. Famous for its windmills, cookies and mustard. I speak Dutch (native language), English and Jira.

The world is changing. Business, people, technology, everything is changing faster and faster. That’s why I focus on an agile way of working like Scrum or Kanban. To get stuff done in such an environment, you have to align with your team members and have a shared vision for your product and service. It’s my job as a product owner/manager to get everybody on that same page. This way we can solve the most critical problems and aim for the most valuable objectives.

With my experience in both UX design and software engineering, I can help the product team explore viable solutions. The thing that drives me the most is diving into the nitty-gritty details of problems and objectives, and figure out why they exist and what needs to be solved first to get the most value for the business and the customer, user and client.

I've had the pleasure to work with many great companies and create some pretty awesome products. I helped Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Liberty Global, Backbase, FOX Sports, Funda, NOS (the Dutch BBC News), NPO (the Dutch BBC), and many others, with creating and improving their digital strategy, products and services.

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Call me if you need to discuss something that absolutely cannot wait. For everything else I prefer e-mail or Whatsapp/iMessage.