Time for a new freelance project!

Image with profile picture of Reinier Ladan

Last November (2022), I moved on from my freelance project at DPG Media to take some time off for myself and my family. A long and relaxed Christmas, fooling around with computers and gain some new knowledge. That worked out quite well and I'm pretty much done with it! It's time to start working on a new freelance project again.

Are you looking for a product owner/manager with lots of experience and hands-on knowledge about design and technology? I am available if you have a challenging and inspiring project.

My experience ranges from bootstrapping and improving large public websites and apps (NOS, NPO, Funda, CoronaMelder, NLZiet, DPG Media and Schiphol) to internal design systems to serve large international clients (Backbase) and research projects to develop a digital strategy on (Liberty Global, NRC).

If you need more info or you already know you want to work with me? Contact me for more details.