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Hi, I'm Reinier Ladan

About my professional life

As a seasoned professional in the media and tech industry, I have over two decades of experience in managing product teams, designing user interfaces, and building prototypes.

I'm based in the Amsterdam area of the Netherlands, and I speak Dutch (native language), English, and Jira. I work in the GMT+1 time zone and I have office space in Amsterdam that I share with other members of the Kirk & Blackbeard cooperation.

In today's fast-paced world, everything is constantly evolving, including business, technology, and people. To keep up with these changes, I focus on an agile way of working, such as Scrum, Kanban or Shape Up.

My expertise in both UX design and software engineering allows me to align product teams in exploring viable solutions. My passion lies in diving into the details of goals and objectives, figuring out why they exist, identifying which ones should be prioritised and how to solve them. This ensures the most value for the business, the customer, the client, future generations, our climate, you name it.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many notable companies, such as Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Liberty Global, Backbase, FOX Sports, Funda, NOS (the Dutch equivalent of BBC News), NPO (the Dutch equivalent of the BBC), DPG Media, The Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and others. I have assisted them in creating and improving their digital strategies, products, and services.

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Some highlights among my many projects

I have a design portfolio available upon request.

I know a thing or two about product management and digital design. I’m comfortable in the following roles:

This is an incomplete list of all the competences, skills, tools and processes I have experience with:

What people say about me

"Part structopath, part left-brainer, Reinier is the ideal Interaction Designer. Please don't call him a UX designer, because he's convinced that most experiences cannot be designed. And if you think that's a strong opinion, wait until you've hired him. Reinier comes preloaded with a lot of strong opinions, good design practices and a lot of common sense. Basically, Reinier is the embodiment of the user voice in any development process, determined to make stuff as simple and accessible as possible. Oh, and yes, he's a stand-up and fun guy to work with."
– David Linssen (Partner in cooperation Kirk & Blackbeard)

"Reinier is a strong Product Owner with a design background, making him the ideal combination of competencies for this role. He possesses the essential domain knowledge, digital expertise, and background in interaction design. This enables him to better oversee and manage the product he is working on (in this case, the Schiphol App). Reinier always ensures that priorities are set based on the value for the end-user and the resulting business value for the organization. He is very goal-oriented and is able to work effectively with his team towards a jointly developed (product) vision."
– Geeske Kloostra (Portfolio manager during my time at Schiphol)

"Reinier is punctual, collaborative, and takes responsibility. He was a valuable member of the NOS New Media team for 3 years, where his ability to change stood out. His interaction design of the Second Screen for the 2010 World Cup football resulted in a Beeld en Geluid award in February 2011."
– Bas Hoedemakers (Project manager during my time at the NOS)

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Call me if you need to discuss something that absolutely cannot wait. For everything else I prefer e-mail or Whatsapp/iMessage.

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