The voyage for better digital products

If you got that OKR stuck in your agile again, call Kirk and Blackbeard

Freelancing can be a lonely endeavor. Despite the many advantages it offers, this aspect has been a challenge for me that I've been eager to address. I believe a set of shared values, mutual assistance, and the pursuit of a common objective can be of great professional value.

Fortunately, some fantastic, likeminded, independent thinking people that I've worked with over the past years, asked me to join their co-op. As of now I'm a proud member of Kirk & Blackbeard where we provide hands-on leadership and expert guidance for organizations seeking to craft and grow their digital products. We get stuff done.

We become part of your crew, understanding your unique needs and providing tailored solutions to help you chart a course to digital success. Whether you need the steady hand of a captain or the daring spirit of a pirate, we’re here to support you every step of the way as we navigate the ever-changing digital waters.

And we're open for work. At the very least open for a cup of coffee. Call Kirk and let's get it done.