On reading sci-fi and fantasy books

Nine years ago, I decided that I needed a hobby to wind down after a day of cracking my brain at work. It had to be something engaging, but it couldn’t feel like work. The perfect solution for me was to start reading sci-fi and fantasy books. Good sci-fi/fantasy books are engaging and — unlike non-fiction — they feel like entertainment.

The realization to start reading sci-fi/fantasy books came when I caught up with the Game of Thrones books. I was so hooked on the tv show that after the first season, I read through all the five A Song Of Ice And Fire books in no-time. I was hungry for more.

I ended up browsing lists and lists of sci-fi/fantasy books on Goodreads, and I picked some recently published ones with a high rating. After a couple of books, I decided that this was my new hobby. It felt great. Why hadn’t I started reading this genre sooner? I always liked sci-fi/fantasy movies and tv series but shied away from the books. Not anymore. I was hooked.

From then on, I also could listen to the back catalog of book episodes from one of my favorite podcasts, The Incomparable. They discuss sci-fi/fantasy books from time to time, but I always skipped those episodes. Now I’m excited when there is an episode where, for example, the panel talks about the nominees for the Hugo Awards.

Some of my favorite books from the last six years:

Can't let these books go unmentioned

(last update: 05-04-2023)