Backbase design system

If you use a banking app or website chances are pretty high that somewhere in the tech stack Backbase is adding some value.

As the Design System product manager, I was responsible for delivering a framework and a library of components to speed up the development of banking software — inside and outside Backbase — and keep a consistent visual style.

The Design System’s actual users are the many developers working on banking software around the world and internally at Backbase. My role was to keep the Design System’s quality high while delivering updates and new features at a rapid speed.

Backbase design system example

During my time as Product Manager…

I got the chance to work from my own office frequently and even before the start of the Dutch nation-wide lockdown — because of the Corona pandemic — we went fully remote with the team.

Backbase is an internationally focussed company with clients and employees all over the world. I had a great time working with people from all kinds of different backgrounds, cultures, and countries.