New online platform for single interest brands at DPG Media

Single Interest Brands wireframes

DPG Media is a large player in the on and offline content publication space in Belgium and the Netherlands.

At DPG, my objective was to give the 'Single Interest' brands (such as vtwonen, Autoweek, and Ouders van Nu) a new multi-tenant digital platform from which to build a modern and user-friendly future. Within the project, a new agnostic frontend was designed, a new CMS was built, and the platform was linked to the existing DPG article system to function as the core provider of content for the platform, including some customisation within that existing content system.

Together with the development team, internal business stakeholders, and the brands themselves, I set up and prepared this platform for migration from the old environment to this new platform as the product owner.

With this new platform, DPG also has the launch of new brands in mind, where in-depth interaction with the target audience and extensive content on a specific topic are important components of the vision and strategy.