Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

I joined Schiphol (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol) in May 2015 when the Digital Solutions Department was just getting started. This new department of Schiphol was about to create their digital products and services in-house.

As the first designer and maker of the department, I got the opportunity to help with all kinds of things like hiring people, making choices about platforms and frameworks, and shaping a fast-growing department’s culture. I got a ton of experience from this while providing Schiphol with my expertise and knowledge of user experience design.

After a year, Schiphol asked me if I wanted to become the new Schiphol app’s product manager. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to work on my management skills and make my vision for a new Schiphol app reality.

Schiphol app in the Google Play Store Schiphol app in the Apple App Store

Within four months of getting the team together, we build the first version of the new and improved Schiphol app from scratch. Modern design, new app code, new backend, all within four months. The reviews after the launch were great! We flipped the rating from a 2.5 star app to a 4.5 rating for the new one.

After a year and a half of running the Schiphol app business, I managed three other product teams within Schiphol and learned a ton about getting to know a group of people that I did not select myself.

During my time at Schiphol, I transitioned from a product designer to a design focussed product manager.